Year 3

Croeso i Blwyddyn 3.

This term, our theme is 'Man Made World'.


In Science and Technology we will be looking at materials. We will be looking at the properties of materials. We hope to carry out plenty of practical experiments. We have already been out collecting materials around school. Here is a picture of 3CM/BH sorting the materials they collected.



In Language, Literacy and Communication we will be studying Aberystwyth. We are looking closely at how Aberystwyth has changed over the years. We visited The National Library of Wales to visit a special exhibit that they currently have. We had the opportunity to look at old pictures and maps of Aberystwyth to compare how the town has changed to the present day.


  In Expresssive Arts we will be busy creating a 'jingle' to advertise a busness of choice from Aberystwyth. We will be composing the music and singing or even rapping to create the 'jingle'.  We will also be looking closely at special landmarks in Aberystwyth such as the castle, old college and pen dinas. We will be trying to create our own landscape drawings of these landmarks using a variety of resources. These are currently a work in progress!!


We have been learning about Great Darkgate Street in the past and how it has changed over the years.  We found out the Spar used to a hotel!  We decided to create an animation of a shop scene from 1831.  It's hard work but we have learned lots of new skills!  Hope you like the finished animations!



We are getting extremely excited and looking forward to a busy term!