School Council

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Information about the School Council

Pupils at the school are represented by a School’s Council.A new council is elected annually in September.

There are class councillors from Reception classes to Year 6. There is one male and one female representative from each class, i.e. there are four pupils to each year group. Classes propose their nominees and a secret ballot is then held to vote for the class representatives. The elected councillors then choose their chairperson and vice-chair person, a secretary and a treasurer. They are given a small budget from the school which they have to manage. Regular meetings are held throughout the year where various issues are discussed and resolutions are made.

The School’s Council present a report to the Governing Body each term and occasionally councillors are invited to attend GB meetings to discuss issues at greater depths.

The School’s Council officials have regular meetings with the Headteacher to discuss matters that have arisen in meetings and to put forward requests, ideas and solutions to problems that arise in their everyday school life.

The School’s Council has a very important role to play in the general well-being of the school and it's pupils.

Wales Air Ambulance

We raised £590 for the Wales Air Ambulance by organising an Emergency Services Awareness Day on Friday 21st October, 2011. Many of the Emergency Services attended the event and everyone had a chance to see the Police car, Fire engine, Ambulance and Coastguard. Everyone enjoyed the fun afternoon!

Thank you to everyone for donating.

Here are some photographs of the Emergency Services day!