What is ParentMail?
Beth ydy ParentMail?

ParentMail is a simple but powerful school-to-home commuication service, helping over 4,350 schools to save time, money and improve parental engagement. 

Gwasanaeth cyfathrebu ysgol-i-gartref bwerus ydy ParentMail, gan helpu dros 4,350 o ysgolion i arbed amser, arian a gwella eu cysylltiadau â rhieni.

School Benefits
Manteision i'r ysgol

  • Save at least £2,000 every year by reducing paper, photocopying and consumable bills
  • Cut the time spent printing and distributing letters to parents
  • Communicate to parents by email, text or letter
  • Manage and reduce absence
  • Reduces environmental impact

And with ParentMail there's no software to install.

ParentMail provides a reliable method of ensuring that you receive information sent out by Plascrug, within minutes of us sending it!

  • No more trawling the bottom of children's school bags!
  • No need to ask what happened to 'that note'!
  • No more missed Parent's Evenings or other important events!

This service is FREE to parents/carers. To register all we ask for is your name and email address and don't worry your information is safe. ParentMail guarantee to keep your details private (See their Data Protection number on their Website). ParentMail is ADVERT FREE and a totally SPAM-FREE ZONE!

Please ask at the Reception Desk if you require further information about Plascrug's ParentMail service.

Gofynnwch yn y dderbynfa os am fanylion pellach am wasanaeth ParentMail Ysgol Plascrug.