Eco Council

Here at Plascrug, we follow the Eco Schools initiative, that encourages pupils to engage with environmental and sustainable development issues.

The Eco Council comprises of pupils from Year 1 to Year 6.  They were elected by their peers at the beginning of the academic year and they meet regulary at lunch times to plan, discuss and carry out events.  At the moment, the members are busy working with the School Council, Governing Body and Senior Managment Team to help organise and develop our new playground.  This will be a lengthy and challenging task since the new extension has been completed.  

Let's meet the Eco Council

Recent Challenges

The Eco Council have recently re-vamped their eco code to an Eco Rap!  Hope you like it!


Always switch off classroom lights

Then our future will be bright.

Clean up, clean up - clean the school

Then our future will be cool.

Always re-cycle your waste

We then will win the race.

Put your paper in the bin

That will mean the Earth will win.

Clean up, clean up, clean the school

Then our future will be cool.

Give your clothes to Bags 2 School

Then Plascrug will always rule.

Litter, litter everywhere,

Tidy up and show you care.

Hope you like our Eco song

Come on sing and clap along.

Clean up, clean up - clean the school

Then our future will be cool.


Winter Gardening Session

Thanks to all the children and for after school club for coming to help us tidy up the school garden before the Winter and for our conservation volunteers.

Autumn Gardening Session

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather to help the Eco Council tidy up the garden ready for the winter. Trees were planted and we even managed to start building our bug hotel!